WWE referee who SNAPPED leg but still finished match speaks out on horror wrestling botch


NXT official Tom Castor broke his leg during a bout between Tyler Breeze and NXT North American champ The Velveteen Dream.

Castor was left with his leg completely twisted out of shape – but still managed to finish the match.

With his leg snapped seemingly at the ankle, the hard-as-nails ref rolled over to count the one-two-three as Dream pinned Breeze.

His pal WWE referee Drake Wuertz also confirmed the first thing Castor said after his leg break was “I love the business”.

He has now commented publicly for the very first time since his injury with a post on Instagram.

“I’m ready to heal up and rejoin my NXT family”

Tom Castor

Castor wrote: “I sincerely want to thank the WWE Universe and all the NXT/WWE Superstars for their kind words and positive vibes. 

“It’s been heartwarming and humbling to say the least. 

“My utmost gratitude to the WWE Medical Staff and ER staff at Nebraska Medicine for your care and support. 

“I’m ready to heal up and rejoin my NXT family doing what we all love to do.”

Tom Castor

REF BUMP: Tom Castor is one of the top officials in WWE’s developmental brand NXT (Pic: WWE)

NXT is the official developmental brand set-up by WWE which helps train stars to compete on Raw and SmackDown.

It has a cult following and is known for its high octane in-ring action and its rougher tone.

Castor is one of the regular officials on the brand, refereeing some of its most high profile bouts.

Wrestlers from across the WWE and elsewhere have paid tribute to him for his work to finish the match despite his horror leg break.

Tom Castor leg break

PAIN: Tom Castor was left reeling after he broke his leg during the match (Pic: TWITTER/@nardawg360)

Tom Castor leg break

SNAPPED: Tom Castor still managed to finish the match despite his injured leg (Pic: TWITTER/@Steelerpent)

Velveteen Dream wrote: “Professional bad ass. The man willing to sacrifice his personal health for the entertainment of the paying customer.

“Say thank you, we are blessed to have Tom Castor.”

The break appeared to happened after Castor took a super kick from Breeze during the bout, falling to the mat in pain.

He rolled over and fans could clearly see his lower leg dangling limply beneath his black slacks.

Tom Castor leg break

HEARTFELT: Tom Castor sent a message to WWE fans after his leg break (Pic: INSTAGRAM/TOM CASTOR)

NXT senior official Wuertz took to the ring and threw up the “X” sign with his arms – signalling to backstage staff and paramedics.

Dream then hit Breeze with his patented Dream Vally Driver to quickly finish the match.

Castor managing to haul himself over however and count the finish, much to the astonishment of fans and the wrestlers.

He was then taken to hospital and will continue to recover from his injury.


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