WWE SummerSlam Results: Goldberg destroys Dolph Ziggler in less than two minutes on stunning ring return


GOLDBERG made short work of Dolph Ziggler as he enjoyed a successful return to the ring at SummerSlam.

The Hall of Famer’s previous match ended in calamity against The Undertaker at WWE’s Super ShowDown.

Goldberg enjoyed a successful return to the ring at SummerSlam

But he suffered no such shambles at the Biggest Party of the Summer.

In fact, he needed just one minute and 46 seconds to finish the job.

Ziggler caught the icon by surprise at the start, instantly smashing him with a super kick.

The Show Off went for the pin but only got a one count.

He struck Goldberg with another kick right around the chops, but again the veteran kicked out before the three count.

Despite starting on the back foot, the former WCW and Universal Champion quickly hit back.

And before Ziggler went to go for a third kick he was almost speared in half by Goldberg.

The legend then picked up Ziggler and smashed him with a jackhammer to claim the win.

But it was not over.

As Goldberg left the ring and made his way to the back Ziggler got on the microphone not noce, but twice and dared his foe to come back and “face him like a man”.

And Goldberg was only too happy to climb back between the ropes and hit him with another pair of spears.



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