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Yankees and Mets fans demand refunds for canceled games


It’s root, root, root for the refund!

More than 30 Mets and Yankees ticket holders have filed complaints with the state Attorney General, saying the teams are playing games with their hard-earned money.

The AG received 24 complaints from disgruntled Bomber diehards and seven from miffed Metropolitan fans wanting payback for tickets they purchased for games already canceled amid the pandemic, an agency spokesman said.

Through Saturday, the Yankees will have canceled 34 home games and the Mets 39.

One unhappy customer, Larry Collins, who runs a tailgate party-package business, emailed The Post on Wednesday that the Yankees owed him $75,000. Collins later said he “canceled” his AG complaint Thursday after the Bombers “called me and are looking to make it right.”

The 31 Yankee and Mets complaints “are currently moving through our mediation process as the MLB schedule is still in flux,” an AG spokesman said. “We recommend all consumers try to request a refund for tickets through their original source of purchase. We also recommend all consumers with complaints to file them on our website so we can help mediate the situation.”

The Yankees did not immediately comment. Said a Mets spokesman: “Any fan with questions about their ticket situation should reach out to their individual ticket representative or call the main ticket number for assistance.”

In April, a Mets fan and a Yankees fan teamed up to sue MLB over coronavirus-canceled games.

The Subway Series rivals apparently make their customers jump through hoops to claim refunds.

The Post previously reported that while teams like the Red Sox give cash refunds as the default option for canceled games, the Mets and Yankees have a labyrinthine list of options and rules that requires a deep dive into their web sites.


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