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Yemen explained: What is happening in Yemen?


“Two million Yemeni children are suffering from acute malnutrition, which could stunt their growth and affect them throughout their lives”.

Since the start of the year, about 80,000 more people were forced from their homes.

The total number of displaced Yemenis in now almost four million.

In addition to political unrest, cholera continues to threaten lives with 110,000 people contracting it so far this year and recent floods have raised the risk of malaria and dengue fever.

On April 10, Yemen also reported the first confirmed case of COVID-19, posing yet another terrifying threat to people.

Yemen’s health system was already on the brink of collapse and cases of coronavirus have risen to the hundreds, which, with extremely low testing rates, are likely to be undercounted.

Mr Guterres said: “There is every reason to believe that community transmission is already underway across the country.

Citing reports the mortality rate from COVID-19 in Aden are among the highest in the world, the UN chief added: “That is just one sign of what lies ahead, if we do not act now”.

He pointed out even simple public health measures are challenging when 50 percent of the population lacks clean water to wash their hands.

The UN chief said: “Tackling COVID-19 on top of the existing humanitarian emergency requires urgent action.

“We must preserve the major humanitarian aid operation that is already underway – the world’s largest – while developing new public health programmes to fight the virus and strengthen healthcare systems.”


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