Yeovil fans ‘disgusted’ as players snapped on boozy night out after relegation


The Yeovil Town football players and staff including John Terry’s brother, first-team coach Paul, were snapped at Mambo club in nearby Taunton clutching beers and giving the camera a thumbs-up.

They were seen having a good time just hours after they were dumped out of League Two and out of the Football League (EFL) altogether – leaving fans in tears.

The club’s 16-year stint in the EFL came to an end after drawing 2-2 to Northampton on Saturday night.

And they were then pictured hours later on Mambo’s Facebook page.

Yeovil Town night out

OWN GOAL: Yeovil Town footballers Yiannis Iosifon, left, and Alex Pattison, right (Pic: SWNS/MAMBO)

Yeovil Town night out

FAMOUS: First-team coach (far right) Paul Terry, brother of John, and Yeovil players (Pic: SWNS/MAMBO)

“Lost all respect for them”

Fan on Twitter

One fan tweeted: “Absolutely fuming, half the stand were in tears after the game yesterday and our players and coaches are going out on the p**s without a care in the world?? W**kers.”

Another replied to the tweet: “I don’t actually have an issue too much with players going out after a tough event.

“But, the fact one of our coaches is out with a big grin on his face is just disrespectful and sums up why we are going down. 

“Clean slate, get them out.”

“Lost all respect for them… none of them deserve to be a part of our club,” another said.

Others were more sympathetic towards the footballers after their defeat.

One tweeted with a tongue-in-cheek message, saying: “It’s disgusting, why aren’t they all doing the standard 100 days of mourning after a relegation?

“Ehh so what? Are they meant to be locked in the gaf for a month until everyone is over it?”

Yeovil Town night out

ANGER: Fans were not happy with the photos which appeared on Mambo’s Facebook page (Pic: SWNS/MAMBO)

Yeovil Town night out

SMILEY: Courtney Duffus beams for the camera at the club (Pic: SWNS/MAMBO)

Yeovil Town night out

HOURS BEFORE: Yeovil, in green, had drawn 2-2 with Northampton to be relegated (Pic: GETTY)

Another suggested everyone should cut the team some slack, adding: “They are human, I mean relegation is terrible for any club but unless you want them to sit in a dark room for a week then what else can they do?”

Yeovil Town have issued an apology on behalf of the members pictured in Taunton on Saturday night.

It read: “We feel it’s important that we apologise to the club and supporters.

“Given the context of Saturday’s result at Northampton and the painful nature of relegation, it does not show any of us involved in a good light.

Yeovil Town night out

BANTER: The lads enjoy a joke despite being relegated hours before (Pic: SWNS/MAMBO)

Yeovil Town night out

DEFENDED: Some fans were fine with the players letting off steam (Pic: SWNS/MAMBO)

“As a collective group, we were left distraught with the consequences of Saturday’s draw at Northampton and, in a bid to air our frustration, a small group of us made the naive decision to go to a bar.

“Whilst I’m sure many can understand us wanting to unwind and temporarily forget about what had been a difficult day, the photos taken especially don’t portray our intentions in the right manner and we can understand how it looks.

“It pains us to think that our actions on Saturday night have brought into question our commitment and empathy, as we can assure all those in association with the club that we are gutted with the season’s outcome.

“The photos were taken in the moment and without realisation of how they could appear to the fans, [towards whom] we would cause no deliberate disrespect.”


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