You can now get Friends hoodies and T-shirts including the ‘how you doin’ slogan for just £12.50


HIT sitcom Friends ended more than a decade ago but it’s still as popular as ever.

Currently on Netflix, fans can binge-watch the gang – Joey, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe – to their heart’s content.

Remember when they looked this young?
  • Friends vintage character shot, IWOOT, £14.99 – buy now

And now mega-fans can get their Friends fix while wearing some official merch.

Website I want One Of Those (IWOOT) is selling a range of T-shirts and sweaters with some of the show’s most iconic looks.

Expect photos of the gang, the Friends and Central Perk logo, Joey’s catchphrase ‘how you doin’, ‘you’re the Rachel to my Monica’ and the classic ‘you’re my lobster’ among dresigns.

The website says: “How you doin’?

We can guarantee this will pretty much go with your entire wardrobe
  • Friends logo, IWOOT, £14.99 – buy now

“The 90’s TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S brought us 10 years of love, laughter, tantrums and tears as we watched six twenty-something year olds living in the heart of New York City, helping each other get by and finding their lobsters.

“So, say ‘I’ll be there for you’ by surprising your fellow Friends fans with this great range of officially licensed merchandise.”

Each T-shirt, which comes in a men and women’s range, costs £14.99 and sweatshirts cost £24.99, but the site is currently running a deal where you get both for £24.99 – working out to just £12.50 per item.

Could we BE any more excited?

The question that made women go weak at the knees
  • Friends how you doin?, IWOOT, £14.99 – buy now
This fountain was in the beginning of every episode
  • Friends fountain sketch sweatshirt, IWOOT, £24.99 – buy now
The gang literally spent most of their time here
  • Friends central perk coffee sweatshirt, IWOOT, £24.99 – buy now
Friends pretty much put lobsters on the map
  • Friends you are my lobster, IWOOT, £24.99 – buy now

For all Friends fans out there – the actor who played Ross’ son Ben revealed why his character disappeared.

Plus there’s a theory about the very first episode, The One Where It All Began, which claims to reveal why Ross and Rachel had such a rocky relationship.  

If you’re into more Friends theory, then fans have spotted another plot hole which involves Monica’s phone.



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