You can now pay a man £7 an hour to listen to you complain


For times when you feel like your friends and family are done listening to you moan, there’s now an alternative you can turn to.

In Japan, 50-year-old fashion consultant – Takanobu Nishimoto – started a service called “Ossan Rental” in 2012 in Tokyo.

The service employs middle-aged men, known as “Ossan” or “uncles” who will listen to your problems for a small fee as well as do chores or give you life advice.

Takanobu told The Straits Times he set up the service to get rid of the negative stereotypes surrounding Japanese “uncles”.

Those employed by the service can dish out love and career advice, as well as companionship.

Speaking about the clientele, Takanobu said: “Initially, I thought that young men seeking advice would make up most of the clientele, but it was women from their twenties to fifties.”

He also told The Japanese Times: “A lot of people need advice on their lives, their careers or their relationships.

“I’m not a counsellor, but I thought my experience might help someone out there.”

Takanobu goes as far to screen his applicants to make sure they don’t have a long-winded way with words.

He also has face to face interviews with all his applicants once he’s looked over their profiles to ensure they are right for the job and his clientele are looked after properly.

According to The Sun, Ossans can earn up to £675 per month while the site gets 900 bookings a month.


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