Young mum ‘drowned baby and left him to be eaten by maggots to get back at ex’


A YOUNG mum drowned her newborn baby and then dumped the body in bushes and left him to be eaten by maggots as a way to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

The toddler’s body had been so badly eaten away by the grubs only one of boy’s calves could be used in DNA tests to determine his identity.

Liu told cops she drowned her son to get revenge against her ex-boyfriend

Medical examiners discovered the body at a temple in the county of Miaoli in western Taiwan.

The 21-year-old mum, only known by her surname of Liu, told police she had put her dead son in a plastic bag and chucked him in the bushes outside her home.

Cops said Liu gave birth to the boy at a local clinic on December 15 last year before drowning him just seven days later at the Taoist Tudigong temple – which is dedicated to the local patron saint of ground and soil.

The temple is just 150 feet from her home, where Liu allegedly filled the sink with water, drowned her son and then discarded his body in the bushes behind a pair of pad-mounted transformers.


Police and social workers visited the woman’s home on February 23 after she was found to have broken Taiwan’s Household Registration Law, which states that all children are to be registered within 60 days of birth.

While Liu had not formally registered her child, his birth was reported to authorities as a matter of formality by the clinic where the boy was delivered.

Authorities said she at first denied having given birth, claiming she went to the clinic for a tumour removal.

She later confessed under questioning and admitted to having drowned her newborn as revenge against her ex-boyfriend, who left her when she told him she was pregnant, the police said.

Liu claimed she and her family did not have the financial means to raise the child either, but it is still unclear whether the woman’s parents were aware of the alleged murder.

Miaoli police have revealed that Liu gave birth to another son at the age of 17, but the child was handed over to her then-boyfriend’s family to raise.

She was detained a day after the revelations and faces murder charges.

Medical examiners found the boy’s body dumped in bushes near Liu’s home
The 21-year-old mum said she had drowned her son in the sink at home
Liu had dumped her son’t body near a temple in Taiwan
The boy’s body had been badly eaten away by maggots by the time it was discovered

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