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Zara Tindall heartbreak: Mike Tindall shares tragic diagnosis story – 'I regret that'


Mike Tindall began a new fundraising challenge this weekend, for a cause that’s very close to home. Mike shared a photo to his Instagram Stories on Sunday morning which showed him and a small group of friends on a charity bike ride.

Mike captioned the picture: “And we are off #RaidLocal @cureparkinsonstrust.”

The father-of-two, and husband to Zara Tindall is taking part in the ambitious Raid Local cycle ride in aid of the charity Cure Parkinson’s Trust, of which he is Patron.

The challenge, is for a cause that has a very personal meaning behind it, as his own father has been battling Parkinson’s disease for 20 years.

Mike’s latest mission had to be adapted from a large group event due to the pandemic.

The charity event will see over 100 cyclists around the world take on a jaw-dropping 3700m ascent that covers 137km.

In the afternoon, Mike posted a video updating his followers on his progress.

He said: “So we’ve just stopped, we are 85 km in, I believe we are somewhere around halfway of climbing.

“So hopefully we’ve now got to decide what we do, we’ve done the loop so we’ve got to decide whether we do the loop again or climb some hills or do something else…

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In a heartbreaking admission, Mike said: “I don’t want to see another son or daughter have to go through what I’ve had to go through with my dad.

“My dad has had Parkinson’s for 20 years and I’ve watched a strong purposeful role model slowly be eaten away by this disease.

“I probably didn’t give it enough respect when he told me he had it… I seriously regret that now.”

Meanwhile, Mike Tindall also opened up about his loving relationship with Zara Tindall, Princess Anne’s only daughter and youngest child.

The former England rugby player recently joined Alex Payne and James Haskell for the latest House of Rugby podcast episode.

Mike did not hesitate to admit that Zara is the “boss” in their relationship after his fellow rugby players teased him for missing last week’s episode to dress up at home for Royal Ascot.

Alex said: “It is nice of you to make it this week Tins, because last week you ducked out at the final hour because…”

Mike replied: “I was doing some stuff that I had forgotten about around Ascot.

“Obviously you might have seen we popped up on the TV, we got dressed up in top hats and basically we had a good day at home and possibly we might have had a drink or two so it wouldn’t have been wise for me to be on the air.”

James added: “Sorry just a question. You said in the start of this ‘I had a few drinks, I didn’t think it was a good idea to go on air’. That’s a lie. You just got more money doing Ascot than doing the podcast.”

Mike said: “No, I am true professional Hask. It was all Zoom calls and stuff like that that I wasn’t going to get out of.

“If I would have got out of it, my wife would have been very upset with me, so basically the boss reeled me in.”


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